Elementary Schools in Temiskaming Shores, Timmins and The Surrounding Areas

At Grandes Rivières District Catholic School Board (CSCDGR), we aim to help your child build the skills they need to succeed in secondary school and further education. We do this by providing them access to a holistic French Catholic education that values ​​and encourages their individuality. Our elementary schools in Temiskaming Shores and nearby areas offer a safe and nurturing environment. Apart from assisting them in building a solid foundation, we introduce them to new experiences outside the classroom. Your child is increasingly confident in an environment that incorporates their individuality and gives them the tools they need to succeed. At all of our 28 elementary schools, you will find experienced, trained and dedicated staff that is sensitive to your child's requirements.


We also believe that parents play a significant role in their child's development during this period, which is why we help you become an integral part of their education through our programs and initiatives.


Please reach out if you have any questions about French immersion, French program or our elementary schools in Timmins, Temiskaming Shores and the surrounding areas.


Useful Links

When you decide on your child's elementary education, you are shaping their future. Our team can help enroll your child in our elementary schools in Cochrane and the surrounding areas. The following are some helpful links:

Would you like to visit our elementary schools in Timmins and other locations to get a better idea of ​​how we function? We organize visits in January and February, but you can personalize them per your requirements. this, you can besides view our news section to see what we have been up to.

A Quality Education in Timmins, Temiskaming Shores and the Surrounding Areas

We encourage your child to learn, play and explore in a safe environment. Our carefully-designed curriculum takes every child's needs into account.