List of committees

Board committees are divided into two categories: statutory committees and ad hoc committees.

Updated: December 2019

Mandatory committees

CCED - Special Education Advisory Committee (2)

Members: Chantal Couture-Rancourt, Denis Bélanger

Substitute: Lorraine Gagné

Ex-officio: Langis H. Dion


Guided parallel learning committee for students exempt from school attendance (1)

Member: Daniel Grzela

Ex-officio: Langis H. Dion


Hearing Panel for Suspension or Referral (3)

Members: Isabelle Charbonneau, Denis Bélanger, Roger Grégoire


Audit committee - (2)

Chair: Denis Bélanger

Member: Paul St-Jean, Roger Grégoire

Volunteer members (2): Jason Hachez, Michel Fecteau

Ex-officio: Langis H. Dion