List of committees

The structure of the CSCDGR committees is as follows: statutory committees and standing committees.

Updated: December 2021

Statutory committees

CCED - Special Education Advisory Committee

Members: Michelle Mailloux and Langis H. Dion

Substitute: Denis Belanger


Guided parallel learning committee for students exempt from school attendance

Member: Michelle Mailloux

Substitute: Daniel Grzela


Committee responsible for expulsion hearings and appeal against student suspension

Members: Michelle Mailloux, Lynn Génier-Ouellette and Langis H. Dion

Substitute: Chantal Couture Rancourt


Parent Involvement Committee

Member: Michelle Mailloux

Substitute: Normand Bolduc


Audit committee

Members: Denis Bélanger, Normand Bolduc, Langis H. Dion

Substitute: Gilles Audet