Strategic orientation

Strategic orientation 2021-2024

It is important to provide clear direction in order to maximize the success of our interventions with students. These guidelines also ensure that we work together in the same direction. Through a process of consultation and discussion, the Board and a large number of stakeholders have given themselves a mission and the means to achieve it.

Un conseil à découvrir... des écoles à choisir !

In the light of faith, create visible and supportive environments

  • Shine in our communities through social engagement and fruitful partnerships. 
  • Cultivate the Catholic faith and enrich belonging to the French language and Francophone culture. 

With the dynamism of hope, create stimulating and innovative environments

  • Continue to deploy technological tools, resources and training.
  • Continue to make the Council a great place to work. 
  • Increase student success through the implementation of research-proven, high-performance approaches. 

In the power of charity, create caring and inclusive environments

  • Support the integral well-being of students and staff through inclusive and equitable reception and support approaches. 
  • Meet the specific needs of our students through adapted programs and services. 
  • Develop our approaches to promote diversity and inclusion.