Speech therapy services

The CSCDGR offers speech therapy services to families whose children have primary speech or language disorders. Our team currently has four qualified speech therapists:

  • Chantal Lefebvre, speech therapist
  • Carole Denis, speech therapist assistant
  • Claudine Gagnon Denis, speech therapist assistant
  • Danielle Ouellette, speech therapist assistant

For more information or to obtain speech therapy services for your child, please contact the special education teacher at your child's school.


pdfSpeech-Language Pathology Assessment Consent Form (PDF not accessible)

pdfSpeech therapy intervention consent form (PDF not accessible)

pdfInformation exchange authorization form (PDF not accessible)

pdfAnamnesis form (PDF not accessible)

Guide for parents on support measures to promote academic success

This guide  was developed for families of children with primary speech or language disorders, and whose communication difficulties are not related to other conditions or diagnoses. Many children with other deficits may also have to deal with speech or language disorders that affect learning, including:

  • hearing difficulties;
  • autism spectrum disorders;
  • developmental conditions;
  • physical difficulties;
  • learning disability.

The content of this guide may also apply to these children.

The strategies and resources suggested in this guide have been developed by many parents of students with oral communication difficulties. They have been used successfully to improve communication and academic success.