Who we are

The Grandes Rivières District Catholic School Board (CSCDGR) welcomes more than 5 elementary and secondary students every day. Our 500 elementary schools, 24 high schools and 8 alternative education centers are located in an area covering almost 3 square kilometers, from Hearst to Temiskaming Shores, including Foleyet, Gogama and Timmins.

Map of Northeastern Ontario with location of schools in the region

Our name

When it was created in 1998, our council chose the name “Grandes Rivières” in homage to one of our great local treasures. This name was suggested by Mr. Jos Matko, a school counselor at the time. Our name reminds us of the beauty of the nature that surrounds us, which we must protect.

Our great rivers also have a lot of history! At the end of the XNUMXth century, Sieur d'Iberville traveled on the Abitibi River to reach James Bay. Also, for hundreds of years, the Voyageurs sailed the Missinaibi River, between James Bay and the Great Lakes, for the fur trade. This river is today recognized worldwide for canoe trips.

Today bordered by the majority of the cities of our beautiful region, several rivers crisscross our territory. From Calstock, in the west, to Marten River, in the east, we find:

  • Kabinakgami;
  • Mattawishquia;
  • Missinaibi;
  • Opasatika;
  • Kapuskasing;
  • Groundhog;
  • Mattagami;
  • Frederickhouse;
  • Abitibi;
  • Wabi;
  • Montreal;
  • Martin;
  • and many others.
“The CSCDGR is a francophone council, but it is also Catholic. At the time of our baptism, the priest pours water on our foreheads saying: 'I baptize you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit'. Through this sacrament, we become children of God, loved by him with limitless love. The water of our baptism and the water of the Great Rivers of northeastern Ontario flow inside our schools. They permeate all the education that is transmitted there. The Grandes Rivières District Catholic School Board has its source in the Risen Jesus, from which flows the new life communicated to us through baptism. In turn, all the students and members of the Council's staff can become, by loving others, sources of life in their community. Be proud of your school board! He has a beautiful name. Honor him. "

Our logo

The emblem of the Grandes Rivières District Catholic School Board was originally created by Mrs. Carmel Arsenault, a teacher at St. Charles Catholic School in Timmins. It was modernized in 2010 by Chabo Communications et design, a Franco-Ontarian creative agency. Our logo represents our local wealth:

  • forests
  • water
  • mines
  • agriculture
  • catholicity
  • French language