School pastoral activities

To promote faith is to present a Christian vision - of God, of the human being and of the world - accessible to the student. The Board proposes an approach integrating the criteria specific to the Catholic Tradition. Students learn to support their beliefs and personal commitments. They thus become accomplished Franco-Ontarian Catholic believers.

Pastoral animation in our schools has several objectives, such as:

  • Collaborate in welcoming all in a Catholic and French-speaking school environment;
  • Promote the development of the school environment by fostering the development of a Catholic and Francophone community of life for high school students as well as students in foster schools;
  • Offer educational activities aimed at making students aware of Christian values ​​and nurturing their spirit of belonging and pride in the French-speaking Catholic culture;
  • Foster the identity building of secondary school students on the intellectual, emotional, linguistic, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual levels;
  • Develop Francophone and Christian leadership among young people.


In our view, leadership is the ability to act as a model and spokesperson for the mandate and values ​​of French-language Catholic schools. Each member of our school community can play a leadership role in the development of the French language, Francophone culture and Catholic values, both at school and in the community. It is the attitudes and behaviors of these leaders that have the greatest impact on the lives of students.