Improvement plan

Grandes Rivières District Catholic School Board Improvement Plan

We believe that it is possible for CSCDGR students to achieve a higher level of achievement. To do this, our schools must target effective literacy and numeracy strategies linked to the most urgent evidence. Sustained support must also be offered to students showing a gap.

Just as our Student exit profile, we aspire, among other things, for each student to develop their full potential in all their dimensions (social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual). The aim of the improvement plan is to differentiate the next steps for the students, following the analysis of the results of the assessment for learning.

Improvement plan strategy

  • Analyze the evidence and identify students at risk.
  • Provide sustained and continuous support through the integrated services team and the success school teams.
  • Provide sustained customer support demonstrating significant differences: ALF, G VS F, TPM applied.