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BULLETIN: Porcupine Health Unit hosts immunization clinics for young people

The Porcupine Health Unit (BSP) is pleased to announce the holding of walk-in vaccination clinics offering Pfizer's vaccine specifically for youth ages 12 and older. In a friendly and safe atmosphere, young people will be able to ask questions about the COVID 19 vaccine, see with their own eyes what a vaccination clinic looks like, come with a friend for support and get vaccinated. 'they choose this option. There will also be music, games and prizes to be won on site. We encourage young people to bring their mask and health card. We also encourage them to discuss the COVID 19 vaccination with their parents before going to a clinic ...pdfread more

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Download the video of the presentation of Wednesday June 9 with Amélie.

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By keeping the news of the 215 bodies of children found at the heart of our reflections, we want to seize the moment to recognize the important contribution of Indigenous peoples to the history of Canada.

In collaboration with the twelve French-language school boards of Ontario for Indigenous Education, come and discover  "PaddlesEnsemble.ca" . A range of resources to EXPLORE FIRST NATIONS, INUIT AND MÉTIS IN ONTARIO IN FRENCH!

What a great way to celebrate the important history of Turtle Island and further develop our knowledge that will allow us to better understand the relationships past and present between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Visit the Facebook page - Indigenous Education - CSCDGR for the news.

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We offer our thoughts and prayers to the Indigenous children and families who were affected by residential schools.

The flags of our buildings were half-masted for 215 hours, one hour for each child found.

To show our solidarity, we encourage students and staff to paint a rock orange and drop it off in different places in the community. Seeing these rocks, people will have a thought for the victims of residential schools and their families because “Every Child Counts”.

For anyone in pain or in need of support, please call
1-866-925-4419 to reach the Indian Residential Schools crisis line. In addition, culturally appropriate mental health support services for members of the Indigenous community are available through Hope for Wellness Help Line.

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Le Summer camp was designed to allow students of the 1re to 8e year of participating in meaningful and authentic virtual learning opportunities in literacy and numeracy through technology with a team of qualified teachers.

By being registered with Camp from August 3 to 20, 2021, the virtual camper will experience 2 hours of workshops per day, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The student will be able to taste the joy of learning and, thanks to technology that brings people together, will be able to meet new friends.

As the Camp is completely virtual, you must have working Internet access at home. However, the School Board is committed to providing students who need them with the necessary tools for the smooth running of the activities.

The Council is pleased to welcome you in large numbers.