Roles and responsibilities

At the CSCDGR, a good number of people collaborate in the success of the student. When it comes to Special education (EED), each of these people plays a specific role, which is summarized below.

School administration

The school administration:

  • communicates to its staff the expectations of the Ministry of Education and the School Board;
  • ensure that a qualified staff member is assigned to teaching special education classes;
  • ensures the identification and placement of students in difficulty;
  • consults with parents and staff to determine the most appropriate program;
  • ensures the development, implementation and review of the Individual Education Plan (IEP);
  • ensures that parents or guardians are consulted on the development of their child's IEP.
For more information on roles and responsibilities, please see pages 8 to 18 of the Report to the Ministry of Education on the Special Education Plan (PDF not accessible).