Benefits of a French-language Catholic education

The benefits of a French Catholic education

French-language Catholic education provides students with an inclusive environment that promotes lasting bilingualism. Added to the educational component, Frenchness makes it possible to develop the competence to communicate in French and to develop a feeling of belonging to the Catholic faith. It is an unparalleled opportunity to take part in a dynamic culture.

Language plays a major role in cultural affirmation and the construction of a person's identity. It is not enough to master and promote the French language, but also to know, value, support and appreciate the different components of the Francophone culture and community. In the schools of the Conseil scolaire catholique de district des Grandes Rivières, students can flourish in French while developing their self-esteem.

The mandate of the French-language Catholic school

The mandate of the Council is to plan, organize and offer structured situations that promote the learning of the French language and the construction of the French-speaking Catholic identity.

This mandate is made up of five dimensions:

Student learning and the development of transferable skills
Identity construction
Transmission of the French language and Francophone culture
The development of Christian spirituality and faith
Leadership development among support staff and promotion of individual and collective commitment

Community outreach

The Council shines in its community through the leadership it exercises. Constant collaborative efforts make it possible to address all of the challenges related to catholicity, Frenchness and quality in education. The Council encourages and offers partnerships between its schools, parents, the Church, various groups in the community as well as local businesses.