Allocation of school taxes

Allocation of school taxes

Did you know that...

  • you have the right to direct your school taxes to the school board of your choice;
  • when buying a house, renting an apartment or moving, your school taxes are automatically directed to English language public schools;
  • as a tenant, you have the right to direct part of your school taxes to French-language Catholic schools;
  • you do not have to have children in the system to declare yourself a taxpayer in French-language Catholic schools or to elect your school trustees.

Why change the allocation of your school taxes

Your school taxes allow you to offer your support to the school board responsible for the school attended by your child, your grandchildren, your niece, your nephew, etc. You also have the right to vote in the election of trustees of the school board to which your taxes are allocated.

By directing your academic support to the Catholic School Board of the District of Grandes Rivières, you:

  • help support, protect and preserve French-language Catholic education;
  • increase the government database of the number of Francophones in Ontario;
  • help maintain the quality of services offered in French;
  • can vote and elect school trustees to represent your interests.

How to know where your school taxes are affected

To find out where your school taxes are affected, please contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) by phone at 866-296-6722.

You can also consult www.voterlookup.ca. You will need the following information:

  • Your name
  • your date of birth
  • your city
  • your residential address and / or assessment roll number (appearing on your last notice of property assessment)
  • other information may be requested

Change the allocation of your school taxes

To change the allocation of your school taxes, you must complete the school tax allocation request form and, if necessary, a lease (The English version of the lease is also available).

What is a lease?
When one of the spouses is not a French-speaking Catholic or a Canadian resident, a lease must be signed between the two spouses. This lease is only used to direct school taxes to the French-language Catholic council. It does not change your status as an owner.

For more detailed information

For more information or support in filling out the form, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Francine Lacroix-Hoff, school support officer of the CSCDGR:

telephone: 705 362-4337, ext. 1

toll free: 1 888 659-4337, ext. 1

Thank you for choosing the French-language Catholic school board!