Secondary curriculum

The Ontario curriculum explains the knowledge and skills that students should have acquired by the end of each school year. It takes into account, among other things, the diversity of student needs. Designed for teachers, the curriculum is accessible to all who wish to consult it.

It is important to note that the French and English versions of the Ontario curriculum are not entirely identical. It is therefore preferable to consult the curriculum in the language of your school board.

The secondary school curriculum in Ontario is intended for students of 9e to 12e year. It includes more than 300 courses in French and English. Each of the 38 framework programs, 20 in French and 18 in English, has its own courses. As part of the Student Success Strategy, Ontario high schools offer expanded programs to meet the learning style and interests of each student. These programs allow students to personalize their school experience through new, diverse and enhanced learning options. Among these options, we find the Specialist High Skills Major (MHS), Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) et cooperative education (COOP).

The curriculum for secondary school is regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Education. You can consult the curriculum according to the school year or according to the teaching subject.

Digital framework programs

The government is currently working to convert the master plans to digital versions. These are offered on a new web platform called Curriculum and Resources.