Welcome guide and course selection

The welcome guide is a tool to support the high school student. Thanks to it, the student can:

  • better understand the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma;
  • plan your study route for 9e to 12e grade;
  • discuss their course choices with their parents;
  • learn about the various student success strategies.

The guide includes, among other things, information about:

  • the transition from 8e to 9e grade
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements
  • requirements for an Ontario secondary school certificate
  • the provincial language proficiency test (OSSLT)
  • community service
  • the performance certificate
  • the transcript
  • the course coding system
  • substitution of compulsory courses
  • recognition of prior learning
  • the success team
  • online courses
  • student service
  • learning programs
  • dual credit programs (DRC)
  • possible avenues after high school (post-secondary studies, apprenticeship in a trade, labor market)

The school guidance counselor will be happy to answer any questions!

Students can connect to MyBluePrint to make their course choices online.