Is It Worth Learning French in Ontario?

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Did you know that 1.5 million Ontario residents speak French and that 622,415 of them are Francophones? 

Being bilingual in Canada's largest province has its advantages since it can open up more career opportunities, improve communication skills, and facilitate better cultural understanding.

It's also important to remember that Canada has two official languages ​​– English and French. So, with that said, is it worth learning French in Ontario? The answer is a resounding "yes" in English and "oui" in French.

Continue reading to see why it pays for your kids to learn French.


Learn French that is Uniquely Canadian

While your kids will be able to speak French with any other French-speaking people countrywide and worldwide, Canadian French is unique, and, in fact, there are even many regional French-Canadian accents within Canada; Quebecois French, Acadian French, Brayon, Franco-Manitoban French and so on. When they speak French with a Franco-Ontarian accent, your kids will get a better feeling for Franco-Ontarian culture.

Your kids will pick up the nuances of Franco-Ontarian French in a way that sets them apart as distinct. Their expressions and accent will allow them to be part of and experience Francophone culture in Ontario.

Open Up More Opportunities 

Another reason your kids should learn French at one of the schools in the Conseil scolaire catholique de district des Grandes Rivières (CSCDGR) education system is that doing so will open up opportunities.

If your kids learn more than one language, they'll have more job options than those who are unilingual. Do your kids dream of studying, working, or vacationing abroad in the future? Consider the following statistics:

  1. 300 million people worldwide speak French
  2. 235 million people around the world list French as their primary language
  3. French might by 2050 be among the top three most widely spoken languages ​​worldwide 

While your kids might not realize it now, choosing to learn French in Ontario will be beneficial to their lives.

H2: Improve Cognitive Health

Improved cognitive function is surely something everyone should seek. Who knew it could be a reason to learn French?

Indeed, research has shown that learning another language improves cognitive function. So it reduces the chances of developing dementia later on in life.

If a bilingual or plurilingual person does eventually get diagnosed with it, bilingualism (or plurilingualism) can slow down the onset of the disease and reduce the severity of the symptoms. 

Improve a Summary

Whether your child is applying for their first summer job or applying for their first job after graduating from a post-secondary school, they can make their resumes more attractive by listing French proficiency. 

So, your kids can set themselves apart from the competition by demonstrating they are bilingual. It's the sort of value-add that employers are seeking.

Gain More Confidence

Learning French in Ontario can also help your children gain a greater sense of confidence and belonging. They will learn more about what it's like to be a French Canadian. Your kids will be immersed in another culture.

That means they'll gain access to different customs, music, literature, and more.

It Pays to Learn French

As you can see, there are advantages to learning how to speak French.

Are you interested in enrolling your kids in a school where they can learn French? You're in the right place!

The Conseil scolaire catholique de district des Grandes Rivières is pleased to educate 5,500+ students daily. We have 24 elementary schools, eight high schools, and three alternative education facilities.

Get in touch learn more about what your kids have to gain by enrolling in one of our schools in Northern Ontario. They'll get a high-quality French-language Catholic education that'll serve them well now and going forward.