New instructions for school transport

New instructions for school transportation in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic

The School Board will continue to provide high quality school transportation service. Rest assured that we are following the Province of Ontario guidelines and are consulting with regional health units. As always, everyone's safety is our priority.

For the start of the 2021-2022 school year, the Board will make the following changes :

  • Wearing fabric masks for all students from Kindergarten to 12e year will be mandatory.
  • Bus cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces will be done after each trip.
  • Hand washing or disinfection will be mandatory before leaving home in the morning and before leaving school in the afternoon.
  • When possible, the seat directly behind the driver will remain unoccupied in order to respect physical distancing.
  • At all times, bus drivers and monitors will wear a medical mask. When in the presence of people without a mask, drivers and instructors should wear safety glasses or a visor.
  • Students will have assigned seats on the buses to facilitate screening when required, brothers and sisters will have to sit together.

It should be noted that students who show symptoms of "COVID-19" cannot take the bus or go to school. If a child develops symptoms during the day, they will need to go home with the parent.

The Council encourages:

  • Parents to transport their children to a safe location near the school to reduce traffic to schools;
  • Students use active forms of travel (eg: walking and cycling) to get to school.

Schoolyards will be organized in a safe manner to accommodate pedestrians as well as those who get off the buses.

Communications to parents

Find all the communications for parents under the news, in the category releases.

Due to these restrictions, your registration for the school transportation service and BusPlanner is required in order to be able to offer a safe and efficient transportation service. This will allow you to have school transport information for all your children under a single user account. To activate your account, please follow the steps in registration process (PDF not accessible), if it is not done yet.