Strategic orientation

Strategic orientation 2017-2020

It is important to provide clear direction in order to maximize the success of our interventions with students. These guidelines also ensure that we work together in the same direction. Through a process of consultation and discussion, the Board and a large number of stakeholders have given themselves a mission and the means to achieve it.

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Increase the number of students who match the student's exit profile.
  • Ensure the full deployment of the student profile within the Board.
  • Consolidate the provincial positioning of the Board in terms of student performance.
  • Strengthen the school climate that nourishes the well-being of the student.


Increase opportunities for personal growth and professional development for staff.
  • Support staff in their professional development.
  • Keep staff skills up to date to better meet the needs of students and ensure their well-being.

Faith, language and culture

Enhance the variety of authentic experiences that promote pride in faith, language and culture.
  • Stimulate a positive and engaging school climate inspired by Jesus.
  • Promote models of spirituality, language and culture accessible to both students and staff.
  • Strengthen the evangelical and linguistic values ​​in identity building. .


Increase the retention rate of students, families and staff in the school path.
  • Standardize the best welcoming practices throughout our school community.
  • Strengthen students' transition strategies.
  • Integrate diversity into renewed recruitment and partnership strategies.