Elections within the Grandes Rivières District Catholic School Board

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During the annual organizational meeting of the Conseil scolaire catholique de district des Grandes Rivières, held on December 7, 2019, the trustees chose to elect, again, Mr. Langis H. Dion at the helm of the Council.

Mr. Dion is a school board trustee for the Timmins area. He has served as an advisor since 2008 and is in his fifth term as President. He will be supported as vice-president by Ms. Isabelle Charbonneau, school counselor for the Kirkland Lake region.

Mr. Dion was re-elected by acclamation as Chairman of the Board. “I am truly touched by the confidence my colleagues have shown in me and I would like to thank all of the counselors around the table. I am proud to continue with this great team. He took the opportunity to thank the counselors for their leadership over the past year while reaffirming that: "We will overcome the challenges and make the best possible decisions to ensure a quality Catholic education system for all the students who attend our many schools ”.

Ms. Charbonneau was also re-elected by acclamation to the position of Vice-President. “Thank you to all of you, my colleagues. We will continue to make the best decisions together for our students and our board. »Pronounced Mme Charbonneau.

As part of this organizational meeting, Ms. Lorraine Presley, Director of Education and newly retired Secretary-Treasurer of the Board, submitted her 2018-2019 annual report. “This publication demonstrates our commitment to youth and quality Catholic education in the French language,” Ms. Presley attested during the meeting. The annual report will soon be available online.

Ms. Sylvie Petroski, Director of Education offered her sincere congratulations to Mr. Dion and Ms. Charbonneau! "Thank you for advancing with us in French-language Catholic education," she added.

Source: Richard Loiselle Director PAL and communications 705 267-1421, ext. 245 richard.loiselle@cscdgr.education

Sylvie Petroski, Director of Education