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At CSCDGR, we always strive to create safe and welcoming learning environments for students and staff. One way to measure the effectiveness of efforts is to ask students, staff and parents/guardians about their experiences with safety and their perceptions of the school environment.

With this in mind, the CSCDGR is working with Dr. Vaillancourt and her research team at the University of Ottawa to conduct a study on health and peer relations for safe schools for staff, students and parents, guardians. We invite you to complete the parent/guardian survey, which focuses on the students and your experience.

Here is the link to the survey:


Use the word “ parent » to access the survey

This survey asks questions about student safety, bullying, and relationships, as well as questions that seek to know how important students feel to others. Since we do not ask for your name or email address, the responses you provide will remain anonymous (confidential). We estimate that it will take no more than 15 minutes to complete the survey.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ethical conduct of this study, please contact René Gaudreau (rene.gaudreau@cscdgr.education).
Thank you so much for helping us do our best to maintain a safe and respectful environment for learning.

NB The survey is only available in French. 

Please complete this survey to let us know your level of satisfaction with the mathematical resources and activities that were shared this year.

Dear parents, guardians, please read the following letter from the Ministry of Education:

pdfIn French


You are the parent of a 7rd grade studente to 9e year? Here’s an infographic with math resources! 

Infographic for parents 7 8 9

Educational day on Friday June 7, 2024

You are the parent of a 3rd grade studente to 6e year? Here’s an infographic with math resources!

Infographic for parents 3rd to 6th grade mathematics